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Keegan gets costs. Ashley tried to buy Keegan’s silence.

October 21st, 2009 | 260 Comments |

Awarded £1.5m costs
Awarded £1.5m costs
Kevin Keegan is to be awarded costs after winning the tribunal for constructive dismissal against Newcastle United.

The full disclosure is as follows:

1. Introduction

In paragraph 54 of our Award dated 1 October 2009, we identified a number of consequential issues the determination of which we postponed in order that the parties could provide us with written submissions on those issues. We have since received detailed written submissions from the parties and, in this Supplementary Award, we set out our determination on those issues.

2. Award

First, we conclude that there is no basis for altering our award of £2m plus interest in favour of Mr Keegan. Clause 14.8.1 of the Contract is not subject to mitigation, as the Club agreed at the hearing. It is subject only to Clause 14.8.5 which does not apply here since Mr Keegan is not employed by ESPN. (more…)