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Virgin and Newcastle United – Can a Brand be Lucky?

January 16th, 2012 | 30 Comments |

Richard Branson - Newcastle United's newest fan?
Newcastle United's newest fan?
“Twenty years ago, we sponsored Crystal Palace and they got to the FA Cup final. Then last week, we sponsored Newcastle and they beat Manchester United 3-love.”

“So we’re a lucky brand, and may the luck continue throughout the rest of the season.”

The words of Sir Richard Branson, (3-love?? – clearly a tennis fan!) the 4th richest person in the UK and 254th richest in the world. Not bad for a bloke who started with a mail order record business in 1970 and who went on to own Virgin Records, Virgin Megastores and now sees over 400 companies in the Virgin Group, including Virgin Atlantic who have that nice ad on the telly with the bonny air stewardesses and Muse playing the old Nina Simone track “Feeling Good” in the background. Impressive music knowledge there eh? His wealth is estimated at $4.2 billion (£2.75 billion) which makes Mike Ashley look like a Sports Shop Owner. He also has class and charisma so we’d better stop the Ashley comparisons now before it gets too silly.

The bloke has either worked his socks off to make a fortune, or he’s been lucky. Probably a bit of both actually. Now at the age of 62 his Virgin Brand has moved into high street banking by acquiring our very own Northern Rock, transforming it into Virgin Money. By a stroke of luck, this move has linked the Virgin empire with Newcastle United, previously sponsored by Northern Rock. Virgin have agreed a 2 year shirt sponsor deal, hopefully that’s just for starters… (more…)

Virgin Money sponsors shirts but stadium still advertises Sports Direct

January 5th, 2012 | 41 Comments |

Virgin Money sponsor Newcastle United shirts.
Better than Sports Direct anyway
Virgin Money takes over where Northern Rock left off and sponsors Newcastle United’s shirts for the next two and a half seasons.

As you could no doubt tell by the shirts the team wore last night, Newcastle United have brokered a deal with Virgin Money until the end of the 2013/2014 season. Last night Derek Llambias said:

We’re delighted to secure this new deal with Virgin Money and we look forward to enjoying a mutually beneficial partnership over the coming seasons. It is an excellent deal for both parties and we’re very happy to have them on board.

He didn’t add anything about how ‘f****** horrible’ he can be this time.

Virgin, for their part, said:

Now that Virgin Money and Northern Rock are united as one business, it gives us great pleasure to continue the shirt sponsorship of Newcastle United Football Club.

The Northern Rock sponsorship started in 2003 and it is an important link to the North East which we are pleased to continue.