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Nolan unhappy with top 7 finish clause in offered contract?

June 12th, 2011 | 76 Comments |

Newcastle United's contract offer to Nolan included a top 7 finish clause.
Future unknown
Allegedly the new contract that Newcastle United offered to Kevin Nolan was only due to be activated at the end of next season and then only if the club finished in the top 7 in the Premier League.

The Mirror is attempting to shed some light on Kevin Nolan’s contract situation, although whether that’s the light of truth or some light of their own invention is open to interpretation as no official sources are quoted at all.

Allegedly the contract Nolan was offered was not due to be activated until the end of next season and would only be viable if Newcastle secure a top seven finish. The contract apparently included a bonus and a £10k/week rise although that, like the contract itself, would only be activated if the team finish in the top seven.

But Nolan didn’t fancy the look of that sort of contract and rejected it.

I can’t say I blame Nolan to be honest. Unless every player’s contract is dependent on a top seven finish it hardly seems fair to single Nolan out as he can’t get the club into the top seven on his own. (more…)

Toon after Shikabala (+video). Big Sam after Nolan. Gervinho speaks.

June 8th, 2011 | 47 Comments |

Toon target Shikabala.
Shikabala: Toon target?
Newcastle United are supposedly interested in an Egyptian midfielder whilst Sam Allardyce wants our captain at West Ham.

Tomorrow might be a better day for transfer gossip as that’s when the French transfer window creaks open and allows a plethora of Gallic talent to enter the market. Given where our scouts seem to have been concentrating their investigations, the opening of the aforementioned window should be of particular interest to Newcastle.

In the meantime, it seems that West Ham are preparing a £3m bid for Kevin Nolan. Nolan apparently refused a two year extension to his Newcastle contract, preferring instead to get a five year extension, and is thus described as ‘unsettled’. Quite whether that means he’s actually looking to transfer is unclear. Alan Pardew is allegedly ‘battling’ to keep the player at Newcastle, although I have no idea how.

Rumour has it that Big Sam might also be interested in taking Alan Smith – who has recently been told he can leave Newcastle – to West Ham. (more…)