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Liverpool allegedly offer £4m for Enrique and Barton will only stay if Ashley quits

May 26th, 2011 | 40 Comments |

Negotiations over Enrique's transfer are under way.
Worth more than £4m methinks
Negotiations begin between Newcastle United and Liverpool over Enrique and the Barton situation is explained further.

Allegedly negotiations have begun with Liverpool for their acquisition of Jose Enrique. Although it seems they haven’t begun very well.

Newcastle have placed a £15m price tag on the player and Liverpool’s initial offer was only £4m, so there’s a fair bit of meeting somewhere in the middle to be done before Enrique departs for Anfield.

Alan Pardew is now fully resigned to losing Enrique, saying:

There’s no point keeping a player who has set his sights on a club he has perceived is bigger.

You can’t keep a player that’s unmotivated.

Which is fair enough. If a player is determined to leave there is little to be achieved by forcing him to do otherwise. (more…)